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Recommended     *** UNDER CONSTRUCTION *** Last Updated: 25/05/2007

Things you must do in China

China is a massive country - it will not be possible to cover it all on one page however till I build up enough of a base of places to go, I'll keep everything here.

  1. Visit the main Cities of Beijing and Shanghai - each has a its own vibrant collections of historical and interesting places to visit. I'll have more on Beijing once I get there.
  2. Take tours to the great cultural areas like Xian, Guilin, the forbidden city and the great wall
  3. Visit the temples and great buildings everywhere

Malek's Useful Chinese Words

Ni hao - hello

Zhang shang hao - Good morning

Zai Jian - bye bye

Xie Xie - Thank you

Duo shao qian - how much?

Chu zu che - Taxi

Fa piao - Receipt

Ting Che - Stop

Xiang zou zhuan - Turn left

Xiang you zhuan - Turn right