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Well, you gotta put some links in!

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Yahoo! UK & Ireland
WhoWhere? A useful search engine for people.

My buddies

Boback's Site
George Bou Gharious: Family web site
Want to find all the Mrouehs on the web? : My cousin Bassems site : Another of Bassems sites with his blog and photo links.

The Flickr site is also a really cool place to see a log of our photos:

Cartoon Connection

I absolutely love cartoons and here is a selection of my favourites!

Garfield - Calvin and Hobbs - babyblueslogo.gif (5066 bytes) - dilbert3.gif (27693 bytes)

Lebanese and Arab Related

Ishbilia - best Lebanese restaurant in London
Lebanon GenWeb Lebanese geneology! Lebanon directory with categorized links to Lebanese sites, updates, resources and more.
Hani Abu Rahmeh's Archive of Abu El Abed Jokes
Levant cultural multimedia servers
The American University of Beirut Home Page
IncoNet, S.A.L


Sunsite FTP Directory : This is the best mirror site in the UK for most vendors!
c|net - wonderful tech site - check out the Buzz Out Loud podcast if you can.
DL.TV - really cool tech weekly online broadcast


British Broadcasting Corporation
95.8 Capital FM
The UK National Lottery
UK Theatre Web
UFOs & Ufology: Traces & Evidence
What's On Stage
The International Lyrics Server - Find your favorite song lyrics!

Language Courses: Learn a new language where it is spoken


World Time Zones - This may help you work out your timings
Expedia - my favourite online booking service
Inter-Continental Hotels and Resorts: Hotel Search

Welcome to ITT Sheraton
Hilton Hotels
British Airways
Virgin Atlantic Airlines
Tourist Guide to Hong Kong
CHEAP FLIGHTS, air tickets and travel advice destinations index


Others : My sons Chinese School web site.