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Airline Reviews

This section covers my opinions on several airlines and their service from a passenger point of view. My hope is that if this section gets enough attention, we may see a general improvement of things up in the air.

First, a list of general gripes on all airlines:

On the ground

  1. When you directly provide a booking service to maximise your profits by avoiding travel agents, make sure your own staff know your own airlines. CY and LH both guaranteed us Baby bassinets on board only to find out on check in that none of their European flights actually do so. It shouldn't be difficult to tell your own people about your own planes.
  2. When you outsource your ground crew to someone, just remember they may not care what level of service they give your pax. This is especially true of check-in and boarding. I remember trying to board a LH flight to Hamburg with a push-chair, we had to go down several flights of stairs and not one of the staff even offered to assist and refused us access to an escalator that was working immediately next to the stairs.
  3. A surly check-in staff is as useful to you as a bullet in the head. If your staff are unhappy or upset - get them off the floor immediately. No one likes to have to deal with a grumpy officer when they may have shelled out over 3,000 to fly with you (for that matter, even if they shell out 1.00). It seems obvious, but you are a service industry.

In the air

  1. Reducing cabin oxygen to save money or knock the pax off to sleep is stupid! Don't tell me it's not done, there are times when you can see everyone getting hot and bothered and breathing deeper. The air is bad enough already without your reducing it.
  2. Make the use of nail varnish removal a criminal offence up in the cabins - I was shocked to learn from an EK crew that this was totally permissable and this pax tried and removed around 30 different colours even though crew and pax all asked her to stop. It smells the whole cabin out and it is flammable so why the crew thought it permissable is beyond me.
  3. Seat pitch - I think all seats should be measured when the seat in front reclines. There is nothing worse than having someone in front reclining and you not being able to leave your chair.