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Recommended Last Updated: 04/09/2005


Stockholm is a great city, with wide main roads and wonderful small alley streets. Admittedly quite cold in the Winter months (well what did you expect?) but the remaining months are usually very pleasant. You must try and visit the old town and have a good walk around.

Traditional Swedish

  • Eriks Bafticka, Fredrikhovsgagtan 4, 115 23 Stockholm (T: +46 8 660 1599). This is an *excellent* traditional restaurant. Its in a residential part of town and the clientele is very well to do and from the local area. The chef is a well known celebrity and the restaurant, while not huge, is cosy and friendly. Booking is essential here. Strongly recommended. cool.gif (111 bytes)(last upd: Nov 2004)
  • Ulla Winbladh, Wardshuset Ulla Windbladh, Rosendalsvagen 8, 115 21 Stockholm (T:+46 8 663 0571, F: +46 8 663 0573). This is a wonderful restaurant on an island in Stockholm. The food and service were both excellent and I recommend you try some of the chefs specials. cool.gif (111 bytes)
  • Restaurang Prinsen, Mäster Samuelsgatan 4, Stockholm (T: 08-611 13 31; reservation email). Wonderful restaurant with excellent service and better food. The house specials are highly recommended - both the crayfish-stuffed potato croquets and the Break Roe started were universally acclaimed by our dinner group and the filet steak main course was had by all to much delight. Very highly recommended. cool.gif (111 bytes)(last upd: Sept 2004)


  • Grill Ruby, Österlånggatan 14, Stockholm. This is a very nice steak house in the old town, with very good quality meat and burgers. Its a little walk to get there but quite worth it. They also sell Samuel Adams Boston beer (at a premium) which is a plus! cool.gif (111 bytes)(last upd: Nov 2002)


Wireless access: Note that nearly all the hotels in Sweden have some form of wireless access using the Telia Home Run network which will also continue to work in the Airport in case you are sitting around.

  • SAS Royal Viking, Vasagatan 1, Box 234, Stockholm, S-10124 (T: 46 8 5065 4000). This is one of my favourite hotels in Stockholm. Its very central and easy to find and is next door to the central train station that can get you to the airport in 20 minutes flat. The rooms are nice enough and large (in proportion to Scandinavian hotels).cool.gif (111 bytes)(last upd: Nov 2002)
  • Sheraton Stockholm Hotel and Towers, Tegelbacken 6, Box 195 Stockholm, Sweden S-101 23 (Tel: +46 (8) 4123 400; Fax: +46 (8) 4123 409). Average standard Sheraton hotel. In the town centre and close enough to the central train station. (last upd: Oct 2002)
  • Mornington Hotel (Best Western), Nybrogatan 53, Stockholm, 102 44 Sweden (Tel: +46 8 5073 3000, Fax: +46 8 5073 3039). Good middle-range hotel. Standard Scandic hotel though with good rooms and service and wonderful live Jazz band during the evenings. Not to crowded, reasonable close to everything in the town centre. Room was very functional, comfortable and clean. (last upd: Sept 2004)