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Recommended Last Updated: 22/02/2007

Things you must do in Moscow

Moscow is a busy place, a fusion of old history with the vast heavy soviet over-lay. Many parts of town have these two opposing influences side by side. Definitely worth visiting.

  1. Visit Red Square and:
    See Lenin's tomb
    Marvel at how much smaller the cathedral is in real life
    See the wall with all the soviet 'heroes' cremated remains
    Say 'Hi' to the 'prez'
  2. Visit Arbat Street - a lovely reminder of old Russia
  3. Visit the museums and art galleries - Russia is a rich country.
  4. Buy a 'Matrioshka' the Russian mother dolls that you open to reveal dolls inside.
  5. Buy old Russian artifacts, one day they may be worth a fortune - keen eyes out for old chain-watches and military pieces.


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  • American Bar & Grill, (T: +7 095 912 3621; F: +7 095 912 3817). This is a chain of American Grill restaurants that's actually quite good. Best thing about it though is that they seem to be open practically 24 hours a day. (Aug 2001)
  • Cleopatra Restaurant, Olimpiysky Prospect 26 (T:+7 095 281 1800). This is one of the top 'Arab' restaurants in town. Food is localised somewhat to cater for local ingredients and taste but a pleasant meal none-the-less. The English menu is wonderful to read with either phonetic representations of the Arabic word or the provision of a ~ski at the end of the name (e.g. falafel-ski). (Aug 2001)

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  • Marriott Hotel, 26 Tverskaya Street, Moscow 103050 (T: 7-095-935-8500, F: 7-095-935-8501). Great location and very nice rooms. The hotel was being redecorated while I was there but no complaints about the inside or the quality of the service/amenities.  (Aug 2001)

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