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Recommended Last Updated: 04/09/2005

Houston's an easy place to get into, lots of cowboy things and generally an easy pace of life.

Things you must do

  1. Visit the Galleria Shopping centre (with an indoor Ice Rink)
  2. Have a Texan meal (lots of beans, meat and more meat)
  3. Go to the Houston Space Centre
  4. Try and go to Galveston (not tried myself but everyone says it's nice)

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  • Houston's, Willcrest and Westheimer, (T:(713) 780 4699). Really nice restaurant mostly specialising in grills (burgers/steaks etc). Nice atmosphere, great portions. Make sure to try the mash. ;-) No bookings taken but there is a nice bar to wait in.
  • Las Alamedas, 8615 Katy Freeway (on Voss & I10), Houston, TX 77024 (T: (713) 461 1503, F: (713) 461 8635). Very excellent Mexican restaurant with nice setting and good vibe. Booking strongly recommended.cool.gif (111 bytes)
  • The Cheesecake Factory, Galleria III, 2nd Floor (above ice rink), Houston TX 77056 (T: (713) 840 0600, F: (713) 840 1080). This has to be one of the great chains! 20-odd page menu with huge dishes. Everything is good and if you make it to the deserts then we'll be impressed! Booking strongly recommended or expect an average 30 minute wait (and you get a little bleeper thing so you can look in the Galleria shops while you wait for your table. cool.gif (111 bytes)cool.gif (111 bytes)

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  • Marriott Residence Inn, McCue (opposite Galleria on Westheimer (T: ???, F: ??). Nice cosy flats, easy parking and outdoor pool which is quite nice. Very easy going.

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