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Recommended Last Updated: 15/04/2006



  • Olde Hansa, Vana turg 1, 10140 Tallinn, Estonia. This is a restaurant themed on the year circa 1400 and it is absolutely wonderful. Set in the old town of the hansiatic town of Tallinn, its a wonderful warm way to spend an evening. Strongly recommended. cool.gif (111 bytes)(last upd: Feb 2006)


Wireless access: Note that nearly all the hotels in Sweden have some form of wireless access using the Telia Home Run network which will also continue to work in the Airport in case you are sitting around.

  • Sokos Hotel Viru, Viru Valjak 4, Tallinn, 10111 Estonia. This hotel is just outside the old town and is a comfortable enough, if not exactly luxury, hotel. Basic services and room. Wifi available in the lobby area (111 bytes)(last upd: Feb 2006)