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Recommended Last Updated: 01/08/2008

Things you must do   

  1. Visit the Green Line
  2. Have a greek Mezze
  3. Go up the Trodos mountains and try to get some Kleftiko during the journey
  4. Visit Paphos
  5. Enjoy Karpoozi (watermelon) and Halloumi for the best evening meal


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  • Latsi Fish Tavern, 1 Ayios Pavlos Str. Nicosia (T: +357 22 780 937)! New favourite fish tavern in Nicosia. Excelent quality and portions. Well (111 bytes)(Last upd: Aug 2008) #1
  • Rancho Bar & Grill, 2323 Lakatamia, 2010 Nicosia. (T: +357 22 454 454; F: +357 22 384949; E: If you are after a great steak in Cyprus, then you don't need look any further. This is unreservedly the very best steaks in the country. Just watch out you don't get sent to the "sister" restaurant in Makarios Avenue (Maze Restaurant).cool.gif (111 bytes)(Last upd: Feb 2006)  #2
  • Marco Polo Restaurant, Holiday Inn Hotel, 70 Regaena Str., 1504 Nicosia, Cyprus (T: +357 22 712 712). Excellent rooftop restaurant overlooking Nicosia and good seafood menu with live music and a good bar in case you're not hungry (you can still order off the menu at the bar). We had the Monday seafood buffet which included good Sushi as well as tempura and grilled and fired fish as well as a couple of other variations. cool.gif (111 bytes)(Last upd: Aug 2004)  #3
  • Varoshiotis Seafood Restaurant, 29, Stasandrou street. 1060 Nicosia; (T: +357 77 77 20 40; email: Wonderful fish taverna. No doubt one of the best on the island. A very very highly recommended visit.  cool.gif (111 bytes)(Last upd: Aug 2006) #4
  • Bennigans, 85 Ayiou Nikolaou Street, Engomi, Nicosia 2408; (T:+357 22464111). This is a US chain restaurant serving traditional US type fare but with some really nice twists and healthy options and so on. Its a great family restaurant and best for kids, if a little out of the way in Engomi (near the Hilton Park Hotel) but well worth it. Very reasonable prices too.  cool.gif (111 bytes)(Last upd: Aug 2006) #5
  • China Spice, Pindarou 26, Nicosia (T: +357 22 875 875; F: +357 22 875 040). Very nice Chinese restaurant with a very modern minimalist feel to it. Very pleasant and the food quite good if a little too sweet. (last upd: Aug  2006)
  • Da Paolo's, 52 Constantinou Paleologou Str. Nicosia (T: +357 22 438 538). Nice place for Pizza - very pleasant seating. (Last upd: Aug 2006)
  • Il Forno, 216-218 Ledras Streeet, 1011 Nicosia (T: +357 22 456 454). Excellent Italian pasta and pizza restaurant, small and always busy at night. Very highly recommended. Make Sure you try the special version of Garlic Bread they make with Cheese and Olives. From our tasting, both Pizza and Pasta were excellent. cool.gif (111 bytes)(Last upd: Sept 2004)
  • Kalymnos Fish Tavern 11 Zenas De Tyras Canther (behind the Marks & Spencer on Makarios III Ave.) (T: +357 22 672 423). This is a very nice fish mezze restaurant, Its nicely located with a very pleasant atmosphere and good food. Highly recommended. cool.gif (111 bytes)
  • La Pasteria - the website is in Greek only, (T: 22460460). Really nice and great pasta restaurant. very large portions. Very highly recommended. cool.gif (111 bytes)(Last upd: Aug 2006)
  • Olympia Restaurant, Hilton Park Hotel, Engomi Nicosia (T: +357 22 695 111). Very nice hotel restaurant with the usual fare and some special extra items. Very airy, though service can be a little lacklustre sometimes. (Last upd: Aug 2006)
  • Orfeas, towards Famagusta gate (T: +357 22 430 524). Roadside seating, relaxed atmosphere and whole hearty traditional food. Well recommended. (last upd: Nov 2004)
  • Plaka Tavern, Engomi, Nicosia (T:+357 22 352 898, 590 944). This is a well known place in Nicosia for a good Cypriot mezze (as of May 00). Very nice. cool.gif (111 bytes)
  • Romantica, 13 Evagoras Pallikarides St., Nicosia (T:+357 22 377276 / 376161 F:+357 22 376645). This is a nice Italian restaurant tucked away behind the Archbiship Mak. III Ave. up near the Hilton area. Food quality quite good, nice setting for a cosy evening and service OK. (last reviewed June 2000).
  • Sams Food, Nicosia & Limassol, Excellent Lebanese sandwiches but much downhill over the years... best avoided now. Make sure you tell them to keep the Tahini out if you want it original style. (Last upd: Aug 2006)
  • Syrian Restaurant, 3 Iliados Str, Nicosia (T: +357 25 328 838; F: +357 25 430 016; E: Very down to earth, wholesome type restaurant serving a very good mezze with mar'ouk bread (the really thin bread). Good prices, reasonable laid back service and a garden atmosphere.  cool.gif (111 bytes)(Last upd: Aug 2006)
  • TGI Nicosia, Standard TGI - nothing special ;-) (Last upd: Aug 2006)
  • Zebras Steakhouse, Klimentos Towers, 43 Klimenos Street, 1601 Nicosia (T: +357 22 458 600). Nice South African styled grill restaurant. Pleasant seating. Waiters still being trained on the rather more South African elements of the menu.


  • Ganga, Dhekelia Road, Larnaka (T: +357 24 824 949 / F: +357 24 82 948). One of the best Indian restaurants in Cyprus. Well worth a trip to Larnaka for! The restaurant has a branch in Holland too. V.K. Singh is the owner.


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  • Hilton Hotel Archbishop Makarios III Avenue, Nicosia (T: +357 22 377 777 F: +357 2 377 788). This is by far the only hotel worth staying in in Nicosia. Service is a often lacking at times though. cool.gif (111 bytes)
  • Holiday Inn Hotel, 70 Regaena Str., 1504 Nicosia, Cyprus (T: +357 22 712 712). Good things about this hotel are that the location is pretty central and it has a great restaurant on the roof. There are three types of room here - standard, superior and executive. Anything below the executive is a bit basic offering with quite a small room. irrespective of that, it is quite noisy and has thin walls so you will hear the neighbours. It is about half the price of the Hilton, and it shows but for location, it is by far the better bet. (Last upd: Sept 2004)
  • Four Seasons Hotel Limassol (T: +357 5 ??? ??? F: +357 5 ??? ???). Of the coastal hotels on the island, this is the best. cool.gif (111 bytes)

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One extra item:

Dessange Spa, 1 Deliyianni Str. Lykavitos, 1055 Nicosia (T: +357 22 460000; F: +357 22 46 00 15; E: Its a day spa for the ladies... very modern, very relaxing and Susan highly recommends it over any of the hotel services that may be on offer.