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Recommended Last Updated: 04/09/2005

A hidden paradise.. 2nd largest natural reef in the world and still not overloaded with tourists!

Belize City

Things you must do

  1. Go Snorkelling and Diving (I didn't and wish I did)
  2. Explore the colonial houses all over town
  3. Visit the tourist village (check when its open - usually around the same time as when the Cruise ships dock)
  4. Get to know everyone, Belizeans are very friendly!


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  • Chef Bob's, 164 Newtown Barracks, Belize City (T: +501 223 6908).This is a very Belize place. Its owner is supposed to be English and he serves a full range of dishes from local to Caribbean to English. Its very popular with the locals and definitely worth a visit. I would have it on a regular fixture. cool.gif (111 bytes)(Last visit 16.1.2004)
  • Harbour View, Fort Street (T: +501 223 6420 / 224 5732). This is probably the most upmarket restaurant in town. Its a little pricey but the food is outstanding and strongly recommended. The restaurant is owned and managed by the Williams family. Michelle Williams is the manager. cool.gif (111 bytes)(last visit: 14.01.2004)
  • The Smokey Mermaid, Opposite the Radisson Hotel, Great seafood restaurant. Good service. If the boats have docked, expect a rush of tourists coming in too. (last visit: 15.01.2004)
  • StoneGrill at the Radisson, Radisson Hotel (T: +501 223 3333). This is a unique place, its not a restaurant per-se but rather an open bar style cafe where they bring you your (uncooked) food on a slab of superheated volcanic stone whereby you proceed to cook your own meat/seafood. Its an experience and worth popping for. cool.gif (111 bytes)(Last visit 15.1.2004)

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  • Radisson Fort George Hotel, Belize City (T: +501 223 3333). This is probably by far the best hotel in Belize city. Try and get rooms in the Tower wing (its not that much more) and get a room on high floor in the middle section so you can get the best views. High speed internet in the room puts icing on the cake! cool.gif (111 bytes)(Last visit Jan 2004)
  • Princess Hotel, I have not tested this but it seems to the only other good alternative to the Radisson.

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