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Recommended Last Updated: 04/09/2005


  • Cafe In, Av. De Brasilia, Pavilh?/font>o Nascentre, No. 311 Junqueira, 1300-123 Lisboa (T:21 362 62 49/8; F: 21 362 59 99). Lovely fish restaurant like a market place where you select the raw fish itself and it is cooked in the manner you specify and brought to your table. Very pleasant riverside restaurant with good service, a decent wine list and attention to the customers. I Recommend the fish baked in Salt.cool.gif (111 bytes)
  • Pap'Acorda, R. da Atalaia, 57-59 (ao Bairro Alto), 1200 Lisboa (T:346 4811). This is a very  'local' restaurant where you will find many prominent Portuguese people dining and the quality and service are excellent (and they even have an English menu). There are many local  Portuguese dishes and you should try some. cool.gif (111 bytes)
  • Chimarrao, Praca Do Chile, 8-A, Lisboa (T:847 6567). This is a Brazilian style restaurant with skewers being roasted and then carved right on your plate. It is a nice experience but make sure you pace yourself all the way through or you will be full after the first couple of carvings. Other outlets for this restaurant are: Doca Dos Olivais (T: 895 2222), Rua 1 De Dezembo, 97 (T: 346 9495), Av. De Roam, 90-D (T: 840 0784).