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Recommended Last Updated: 04/09/2005

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Things to do in Paris

  1. Visit the Tour Eiffel... well you have to don't you.
  2. Ride the Bateaux Mouche
  3. Visit the Louvre and marvel at how small the Mona Lisa actually is.
  4. Climb the Arc de Triomphe
  5. Eat (and enjoy the al-fresco people watching if you are in Cafe).
  6. Walk along the 'Champs', eat Ice Cream in the Peugeot car showroom in a car cubicle.
  7. Visit the Lido or the Moulin Rouge (which incidentally is in Pigalle, the red light district)
  8. Eat at Entrecote!



  • L'Entrecote, 29 rue de Marignan (Near the Arc de Triomphe opposite the Renault building), 75008 Paris (T:+33 1 The second best Entrecote I have been to! The first being in Bordeaux! [see here for review] As always, forget everything else on the menu and go for the main dish. For deserts, I strongly recommend the profiteroles which are filled with French vanilla ice cream and topped with a dark chocolate sauce. Beware though that you do not go to the one in Rue Tilsitt which is closer to the Arc De Triomphe which is sorely lacking in quality and service last time we went in Dec 98! cool.gif (111 bytes) [Last checked: Nov 2003]
  • Fouquet's, Champ-Elyses, Paris (T:+33 1 Magnificent restaurant above a brassiere with excellent service and very nice food. Ambience wonderful. Highly recommend impressing anyone there! cool.gif (111 bytes)
  • Brasserie Haussmann, 12 Boulevard Haussmann, 75009 Paris (T:+33 1; F: +33 1 This is the restaurant of the Millenium Hotel in Paris and its a lovely place for lunch. It doesn't feel as crowded as a lot of places and has a nice selection of dishes.
  • Timgad, 21 rue Brunel, 75017 Paris (T: +33 1 This is a Moroccan restaurant near the Place De L'Etoile. It is very lovely inside with great Cous Cous (albeit somewhat pricey for what it is) but well worth a visit. The decor is amazing, almost like they tried to recreate Morocco in the heart of Paris. They even have an English menu in case the French one is a little frightening! Try to book if you can as the place gets very packed with the well heeled set. [Last checked: Nov 2003]

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  • Hotel Ambassador, 16, boulevard Haussmann 75009 PARIS (T : +33 1 ; Fax: +33 1 ; @ : Excellent centrally located hotel in the middle of town. Rooms all of reasonable size and quality. If anything, my only goat was the waiting line for the breakfast area as you have to be seated and it sometimes takes some time to take care of everyone. However, to compensate, its not too far from the Opera district with the famous Galleries Lafayette.
  • Le Meridien Montparnasse, 19 Rue du Cdt. Mouchotte, 75014 Paris (T: +33 1; F:+33 1 Good quality, decent rooms. Make sure you book the higher floors and non-smoking room as the smoking rooms tend to really smell. I found the single beds awful to sleep on so make sure you get at least a double bed which was more bearable.
  • Hotel Tivoli Etoile, 7, rue Brey, 75017 Paris (T:  01, F:01. Very nice and quite hotel centrally located within minutes of the Arc de Triomphe and the Champs. Must have been very recently renovated as the rooms looked new (Dec98).

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