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Recommended Last Updated: 04/09/2005



  • Haesje Claes, 1012 RV Spuistraat 275 (T:020 624 9998). First of all let me say that there is very little 'traditional' Dutch food. Most of it is a mixture of the different European countries that surround the Netherlands. However, there are a few very local dishes such as Pea Soup and sausages with red beans and bacon 'Stampot'. This restaurant is frequented many tourist and tourist buses so it may be quite full and worth booking in advance but we found it quite pleasant and seemed popular with the locals we spoke to. cool.gif (111 bytes)
  • Pasta e Basta, Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 8, 1017 DE Amsterdam (T: 020 422.22.22). This is a rather wonderful restaurant and you absolutely must book for either seating at dinner. The restaurant serves up a delicious menu with wonderful songs from the waitresses and bartenders. Everything from rock to classical to opera. You won't regret (111 bytes)


  • Yamazato, Okura Hotel, Ferdinand Bolstraat 333 - 1072 LH Amsterdam (T:020 6788 351). A Japanese restaurant in what is a very Japanese hotel. The food is served by delightful waitresses in full Kimono and the dishes are elegantly and beautifully prepared. A little pricey but a great (111 bytes)