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Lebanese Itinerary

Recommended Last Updated: 08/09/2006

Things you must do

  1. Climb to the top of Harissa for the view
  2. Have a coffee in Modca on Hamra
  3. Go to Baalbeck
  4. Go to Tripoli and eat Knafe
  5. In Winter - Go ski in Faraya
  6. In summer - go swimming in the Summerland / Coral Beach / St. George
  7. Go to  Broummanna
  8. Drive a car - its an experience - actually... don't.
  9. Sneak in to the AUB pretending to be a student
  10. Eat a Za'atar croissant
  11. Eat a man'ouche from Barbar
  12. Have a proper chicken shawarma sandwhich

Click here for a suggested itinerary if you're visiting my hometown :-)

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  • IstambuliHamra, Commodore, Beirut . This is a meat eaters restaurant. Nothing very flash, very family friendly and outstanding quality meats. Or putting it another way, if your Gran was Lebanese and an outstanding cook, this is the only place she would agree to eat from! Well worth visiting. (Last reviewed Jan 2001) cool.gif (111 bytes)
  • Marrouche, Hamra, Commodore, Beirut. The quality of the restaurant has been suffering recently and this absolute must-eat-there restaurant is sadly not the standard it used to be. Still decent enough but its not the best. The restaurant or take-away still doesn't serve alcoholic drinks and the toum they serve is still the best ever but the food quality is sorely lacking. (Last reviewed Jan 2001)
  • Mosaic, Phoenicia Intercontinental, Minet El Hosn, Beirut (T:+961 1 369 100; F:+961 1 369 101). This Intercontinental Hotel buffet restaurant is outstanding. Its right up there with the world best including the Furama in Hong Kong! Well worth visiting and at US$35-40 a head for the buffet - its a bargain. (Last reviewed Jan 2001) cool.gif (111 bytes)
  • The Blue Elephant, Sea Rock Hotel, PO Box 135894, Beirut (T:+961 1 788 488/588; F:+961 1 808 595) email: searock@cyberia.net.lb. The Lebanese version of the great global chain. The decor as expected is lush with greenery and lots of fish swiming in small pools or tanks. The Thai food served is quite authentic, very spicy if you so wish and the service great. If you want to venture away from the mezze scene in Beirut, this is a good place to sit and eat. (Last reviewed June 2000)

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  • Imperial Suites, Australia Street, Raouche, Beirut (T:+961 1 869 494 / 790 686/7/8; F:+961 1 790689) Serviced apartments very close to the Raoche and pretty much everything else in Beirut. Good service and reasonable rates. Good alternative for a visiting family where one or more rooms are required in one flat. (Last reviewed Jan 2001)
  • Marriott Hotel
  • Phoenicia Intercontinental
  • Vendome Intercontinental
  • Bristol Hotel

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