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Recommended Last Updated: 07/11/2009

Jambo and Caribu to Kenay's captial!

Kenya is an amazing country and the hub of Eastern Africa. Its blessed with amazing people and a rich tapestry of culture and wildlife.

On a  general note, Tusker is the beer to try in Kenya. It is served warm and in a small bottle. The locals always have a full bottle next to their glass and to mix in, simply top up your own glass with every sip. That way, you can be a real Kenyan in Kenya!



  • Pango Restaurant, Fairview Hotel, Nairobi (T: 288 1330,, This is an exquisite brasserie serviing up elegant and beautiful dishes. Highliy recommended. [Last Upd : Nov 2009]
  • Mediterraneo, (Junction Shopping Centre, Ngong Road, T: 387 8608,, Also available in Westlands Pemstech House, Woodvale Grove. This is a really fantastic Italian restaurant with a huge menu. Well recommended. [Last Upd : Nov 2009]
  • Tamarind, National Bank Building, Harambee Avenue, Nairobi. (T: 221 7990,, Tamarind is the sister company of the Carnivore. Its an upmarket seafood restaurant and a pleasant civilised evening dinner complete with old school piano playing in the middle of the dining hall. [Last Upd : Nov 2009]
  • Carnivore, . This is the first and original Carnivore that sprouted copies all over the Africa. It is a pub, restaurant and night-club all in one and the atmosphere is dynamic and fun. The idea is actually Brazilian with skewers being roasted on a large BBQ pit and then carved right on your plate. The basic menu has changed unfortuantely so it doesn't server anything that exists on a Safari Trip anymore! So for that alone, I don't really recommend it as that is frankly the main attraction. If you do decide to go anyway, don't be tempted by the bread and soup, keep your stomach ready for the main courses and do try th elast remaining 'game' on offer which is crocodile. [Last Upd : Nov 2009]


  • The Golf Club. [have not been again so cannot update]


  • Hilton Nairobi: Basic but OK. Rooms very small. [Last Upd : Nov 2009]
  • Stanley Hotel: Bigger rooms, more colonial - lots of history
  • Fairview Hotel: Very nice looking hotel... little out of the way from the main drag of the city.
  • Intercontinental Hote: Seems to be one of the better hotels in town.