Airline Reviews
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British Airways (BA) - Ranking: 2

The worlds favourite airline? Maybe. I believe that BA has a very good standard level of service - It never gets below a certain level. The flipside is that you rarely get outstanding service but at the time of writing (Jan 2001), there seems to be a concerted effort to improve the service.

Seat Hints

Boeing 767 - Club Europe - choose middle seats D or F. They have the separator in the middle.

Virgin Atlantic (VS) - Ranking: 1

Outstanding lounges, proper bar in the air, vanity services on the ground and in the air, great entertainment system, usually wonderful crew. Number one airline for me.

Singapore Airlines (SQ) - Ranking: 3

Outstanding service. Strongly recommended. In seat power adaptors and very good in-flight system vis-a-vis movies and games. In seat power supply for your laptop ensure that you can keep busy the whole flight if you want. The screens are a little small and the seat does not fully lie flat bit it is very comfortable. (May 2001)

Emirates Airlines (EK) - Ranking: 5

Overall, this is one of the better world airlines.

American Airlines (AA) - Ranking: 4

Recently revamped and the new service is much better. The old sheepskin seat covers are now replaced by decent leather type seats and the in flight systems much improved (along with BOSE noise reducing headphones). In seat power for laptops tops this service as the best way to get to the US.